What We Offer

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our patients. Over the last 20+ years, since our start, we’ve continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you a winning service that you can rely on.



Thank you for choosing the RM Medical Group for your healthcare.


The RM Medical Group consists of a medical team who have dedicated their lives to helping patients achieve the best possible outcome for their care.

In addition, with a wide range of specialists available to provide input, expertise and healthcare, your healthcare will never look the same to you again.


Healthcare for all

We pride ourselves in employing professionals from diverse fields of specialties. We cover fields from internal medicine to orthopedics to primary practitioners to oncology to rehabilitation therapy, among others.

Experienced Care

Our medical staff are talented and experienced at what they do. Whether you are a new patient or are already part of our family, we have a dedicated staff that will work with your needs.

Expert Team

We’re constantly recruiting among the best and brightest. With our team of experts we’ve positioned ourselves with some of the best professionals in their fields.

Custom Care

We will keep your healthcare as our top priority! 


We offer bi-lingual (english-spanish) services! One of our bi-lingual staff will be happy to attend to your and/or your family’s needs.

Ofrecemos servicios en español ! Alguien de nuestro personal esta para servir las necesidades de Ud. y/o de su familia.

Client Testimonials


Diana Sawyer-Jones

The consultation with specialists was seamlessly coordinated and we were thankful to also have virtual consultation options and considerate staff to accomodate our scheduling needs.

Anna June Chan

In our search for a new medical service provider, we were looking for providers with attention to detail and patience. Your excellent team was able to meet our expectations.

Sanjay Shravistan

We are very thankful to the RM Medical Group whose staff has provided great support to our family in a time of distress. Thank you to all.