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The concept for RM Medical Group was a team effort. After long careers in medical fields we wanted to create a business where patients and doctors could cooperate together to create an atmosphere where patients could genuinely get their healthcare needs addressed on an individual personalized basis. 

Teaming up with several specialists in the area and at times across the country or around the world, RM Medical Group was formed, a personalized healthcare service that paired patients with the doctors and specialists that needed their unique offerings. Over the past over two decades, RM Medical Group has expanded to cover various specialties and specialists from across multiple fields and across multiple geographical locations, and we continue to strive to offer so much more! 



We pride ourselves in employing professionals from diverse fields of specialties. We cover multiple fields ranging from:

Primary Care

Internal medicine

Nutritional specialists



Rehabilitation therapy

Physical Therapy


“serious healthcare and a fabulous sense of humor”

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